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17 March 2014

About a Girl

About a Girl by Joanne Horniman is the story of Anna McGuire.

Anna grew up in Canberra (Australia) but moved to the artist community of Lismore for a fresh start after college did not work out. Now she works at a bookstore. One night she sees a local singer who she cannot get out of her head. When she sees her again at a coffee shop, they decided to meet again.

Anna was never one to have a large group of friends. There are things in her past that she has worked through but have changed her and Flynn is her first new friend in Lismore. But Flynn also has things in her past that she is not ready to talk about other than through her music. Anna and Flynn start a tentative relationship - tentative because Anna is not used to making friends, especially with someone to whom she is greatly attracted.

Horniman's novel captures a tender time in Anna's life when she learns a lot about herself and starts to open up to people for the first time. About a Girl is a beautiful book.

Horniman, Joanne. (2010). About a Girl. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen and Unwin.

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