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15 June 2013

Choke Point (Rutherford Risk #2)

Choke Point by Ridley Pearson is the second book in his Rutherford Risk series featuring John Knox and Grace Chu. Rutherford Risk is a personal security agency and specializes in high-risk operations such as hostage negotiation and tracking stolen funds.

After an article in the Amsterdam newspaper, a philanthropist has hired Rutherford Risk to shut down a knot shop - a sweatshop using young girls to tie knots for rugs. The article, written by Sonia Pangarkar, leads John Knox to believe that girls are chained to their work stations. With the help of Grace Chu, a computer genius who can trace money or signals all around the world, they must find the girls in the story.

Since Pangarkar wrote the article, a few of the people quoted have been killed or have disappeared. Knox and Chu will use different methods to try to get to the knot shop without alerting the bad guys of their approach.

Pearson is a master of suspense and high-energy adventure. His characters are wonderful and flawed and will keep readers coming back for more. Hopefully this series will have many more books (hint, hint).

Pearson, Ridley. (2013). Choke Point. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

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