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14 February 2012

Forever Buckhorn (Buckhorn #3 and #4)

Forever Buckhorn by Lori Foster is a reprint of two books in her Buckhorn series: the books Gabe and Jordan.

Gabe is the youngest of the four brothers. He is a handyman - both because he can fix anything and because it allows him to work only when he wants. The rest of the time he can be found laying by the lake. When Elizabeth Parks asks to interview him about saving someone from a runaway boat for her thesis he declines. But when Gabe realizes that if he doesn't answer her questions she will just talk to everyone else in Buckhorn, he decides it may be worth spending the time with her.

Jordan is a veterinarian. People say his voice could soothe a charging rhino. When he is voted to approach a bar just outside of the county - one that is contributing to drunken accidents - he does not expect to find the woman of his dreams dancing upon a stage inside. Georgia Barnes, mother of two, dances at the bar because she needs the money to fix up the house he just bought. She counts on every cent she gains in tips. While Jordan is determined to close the bar, he will do what he can to make Georgia's life easier.

Foster, Lori. (2011). Forever Buckhorn. New York: HQN.

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