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14 January 2012

Against the Storm (Raines of Wind Canyon #4)

Against the Storm by Kat Martin is her fourth book in the Raines of Wind Canyon series, which has now extended beyond the Raines brothers into stories of their close friends.

Maggie O'Connell is a successful photographer living in Houston, Texas. She has a big art show coming up and is working on her first coffee table book. But lately she has been getting threatening notes left on her car. When she stumbles across Trace Rawlins, a security specialist and former Army Ranger, she decides to hire him.

Trace is a professional but does not really want to work with Maggie at first. He has a bad history when it comes to redheads. But someone is obviously after Maggie and she needs his help. Even with someone after her, Maggie needs to work. But it seems that her stalker can find her whether she is in Houston or on the Gulf. He is either really good at blending in, because she has been watching for familiar faces, or he has some other way of following her.

The more Trace investigates, the more sophisticated the stalker seems. He will have to do his best work to keep Maggie safe while trying not to fall in love with her.

Martin writes great suspense novels with a romantic twist. This series is a good choice for fans of romantic suspense who need something to read next.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Storm. New York: Mira.

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