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08 August 2008

Target Lock (Amanda Garrett #4)

The forth book in the Amanda Garrett Navy thriller series by James H Cobb continues the career of Commander Garrett.

Captain Amanda Lee Garrett, US Navy, is now a Commodore - in charge of a small fleet of ships called the Sea Fighter Squadron. The squadron includes two stealth ships, one of which is her former command the Duke, three hydroplanes, a flock of attack helicopters, and a Marine Special Forces battalion.

When a private research satellite is being recovered in the Sea between Australia and Indonesia, the recovery ship is attacked by pirates. Those pirates have been a problem in the area since the 1500s, they are now being taught the skills to take on larger ships.

Amanda and her fleet are sent to Indonesia to find the new leader of the pirates before he can take control of the whole sea. But the new pirate king may meet his match in Amanda Garrett. Or will she finally meet her match? At one point she is kidnapped and the fleet, now in the hands of Admiral Eddie Mac will do anything to rescue her - including breaking international law...

Cobb, James H. (2002). Target Lock. New York: GP Putnam's Sons.

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