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08 August 2008

Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs #1)

Maisie Dobbs, created by Jacqueline Winspear, is a detective to rival Agatha Christie!

Maisie, who grew up on the south side of the Thames, has just lost her mother. Her father is consumed with grief and worried about money (the savings for Maisie's schooling spend on trying desperately to save her mother). When he suggests that she take a position in the house of Lord and Lady Compton, Maisie becomes a maid.

Lady Rowan Compton, encouraged by her friend Dr. Maurice Blanche, see that Maisie continues her studies. She learns enough to be accepted at Cambridge. When the Great War begins and England needs more nurses to tend to the injured young soldiers, Maisie volunteers and is sent to France.

Ten years later, in 1929, Maisie has just opened her own detective agency. Her first assignment seems to be an open and shut case of infidelity, but all is not as it seems on the surface. Before the case is solved, other questions will arise that will lead Maisie back to emotions she thought she left behind at the end of the war.

Jacqueline Winspear was awarded or nominated for four awards for Maisie Dobbs - her first novel. She is a writer who captures the interest of readers and doesn't release them until long after the last page.

Winspear, Jacqueline. (2003). Maisie Dobbs. New York: Penguin Books.

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