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25 April 2008

Dealing with Dragons (Enchanted Forest #1)

Dealing with Dragons is the first book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede.

Princess Cimorene is the youngest daughter of the King of Linderwall, but she doesn't like being a princess. She is not allowed to learn anything interesting - it is not done. Princess learn to look good and be boring. It is not the life for Cimorene.

After her father stops her fencing, cooking, magic, etc... lessons - each time he finds she is learning something that is not proper for a princess - she is engaged to a handsome prince. He is as boring as the other princesses.

To escape, Cimorene volunteers to be a Dragon's Princess - usually a captured princess who cleans and cooks for a dragon until she is rescued by a handsome prince. Cimorene's new life suits her fine. She has found a very nice dragon - Kazul - and other than the annoying princes who keep trying to rescue her, her life is her own making.

But wizards, friends to no one but other wizards, have plans that might interfere with Cimorene and Kazul's life. Wizards are power-hungry, unscrupulous humans who must be stopped before they can gain access to the caves of Fire and Night.

Wrede, Patricia C. (1990). Dealing with Dragons. New York: Magic Carpet Books.

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