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11 January 2017

Of Fire and Stars

Of Fire and Star by Audrey Coulthurst is a great young adult fantasy novel!

Dennaleia, second princess of Havemont, has been promised to Prince Thandilimon since they were six years old. Her upbringing was spent learning to run a country. Now she is going to the city of Lyrra, capital of Mynaria, to be married.

Upon arrival, it appears she is missing one type of training. Dennaleia cannot ride a horse and is now in a land where horses are revered. Even her wedding will be on horseback.

Princess Amaranthine (Mare) is a horse expert. She was never going to inherit rule, so she has been left to do what she wants. Now she is supposed to teach her brother's fiancĂ© to ride. This will break into the time she usually sneaks into the city in disguise.

When an assassin attacks the royal family, Dennaleia and Mare feel like no one is doing enough to find out who is behind it. So they join forces, spending more and more time together. Does the attack have something to do with the fact that the marriage contract will outlaw magic in both Havemont and Mynaria? The council thinks so and is hunting down anyone who show an ability - an ability like the one Dennaleia has been hiding her whole life.

Coulthurst has written a great fantasy with two likeable characters thrown into political turmoil and put in danger. The relationship between Mare and Denna is sweet and realistic. It is unclear if there will be another book with these characters, but I hope so! This is a great lesbian fantasy novel.

Coulthurst, Audrey. (2016). Of Fire and Stars. New York: Balzer + Bray.

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