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03 December 2016

Echoes of Honor (Honor Harrington 8)

Echoes of Honor by David Weber is the eighth book in his Honor Harrington science fiction series.

Manticore and its allies are at war with the People's Republic of Haven. Although Haven is under a new government and the war began under the old, it continues. Many lives have been lost along the way. Most battles have gone in favor of Manticore, but the PRH has gotten some hit in.

Right now the people in Manticore think that their beloved Commander, Honor Harrington, has been captured and executed. They do not know that on top of forging a video of her hanging, she and a small team escaped the ship while in orbit over the prison planet of Hell.

They are now stranded on a planet with hundreds of thousands of prisoners and the State Security guards. The people are kept in line by being place in far apart camps. None of the plants on Hell are edible. The only source of food is the monthly delivery by the guards. Anyone who tries to rebel or attack the deliver, gets no more food. The guards live on an island miles and miles at sea and from the nearest camp.

Honor's people have a few advantages over the prisoners. They have two small ships equipped for battle, their own rations, and (most importantly) no one knows they are there. If they can come up with a plan and bring some prisoners onto their side, they will attempt to take over the planet.

Amazing series. If you are a science fiction fan or a fan of military fiction or just good storytelling, read it.

Weber, David. (1998). Echoes of Honor. New York: BAEN.

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