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04 November 2016

In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington #7)

In Enemy Hands by David Weber is the seventh book in his Honor Harrington series.

Honor Harrington has been put in charge of a join Grayson and Mantacore Navy fleet of ships. They have at least a few weeks before they will have gathered all of the parts, so in the meantime, Honor is asked to take a few ships and guard a convoy of supplies and soldiers being sent to a planet that the Allies just took back from Haven's People's Navy.

As the commodore, Honor will not be in the ship that goes ahead to scout for enemies. She will be safely in a middle ship. But about half way to their final destination, Honor and a small team, transfers to the lead ship to discuss strategy with the captain.

What they don't know is that the system they are about to enter has been taken back by the Peeps. They are flying into a trap that has already destroyed a few ships.

Weber is a master of the space opera. He can juggle many storylines and characters and make the reader think she is there. Any fans of science fiction or just good storytelling should read this series.

Weber, David. (1997). In Enemy Hands. New York: BAEN.

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