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26 July 2016

Girl Mans Up

Girl Mans Up by ME Girard is the story of Pen deciding to be who she need to be for herself instead of who others want her to be.

Torn between what her immigrant parents want for her, what her best friend is pushing her to do, and what she feels inside, Pen (short for Penelope) is being pulled in too many directions. Add the fact that the girl she has a crush on is the girl her best friend, Colby, wants her to talk to - for him.

Set outside of Toronto, Girard's book about a girl who doesn't fit the stereotype of what a teen girl should be, is a griping tale that combines all of the pressures of being a teen with that of being split between two cultures and trying to come out in a homophobic setting.

Girl Mans Up will be released September 2016.

Girard, ME. (2016). Girl Mans Up. New York: Katherine Tegan Books.

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