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02 February 2016


Improvisation by Karis Walsh is the story of two women who are not ready to fall in love.

Tina has agreed to move to Spokane, Washington for a couple of months to help her cousin create a website for his garden store. She doesn't get along with her family and has not seen any of them in years, but she feels obligated to help out.

Jan has settled in Spokane after a lifetime of moving around. She teaches geometry in a high school and loves her job. She would love to find a partner, but now is not the right time. Her father was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

A mutual friend makes Tina and Jan promise to get together. Jan thinks Tina is a player who is shallow and unreliable. Tina thinks Jan is looking to trap a woman into settling down. So when they get together, they both bring a friend as a buffer.

Walsh has written a flirtatious romance between two women who think they have nothing in common. Her books are good, fast reads with steamy parts.

Walsh, Karis. (2013). Improvisation. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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