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23 September 2014

Blackbird (Blackbird #1)

Blackbird by Anna Carey is the first book in her series by the same name.

A young woman wakes up and finds herself on the subway tracks with a train coming. Her muscles will not respond. She is sore everywhere, she has a new tattoo on her wrist and she has no idea who she is. There is a backpack next to her that contains one thousand dollars, food and water, a pocket knife and a note that says not to go to the police.

She calls a number from the backpack and a man tells her to meet him at his office which is marked on her map. She goes into a store to get cleaned up and meets a guy her age. He gives her a ride to the office and leaves her his phone number, just in case.

Going to the office does not help her find out who she is, in fact, it puts her in more danger. With nowhere to turn, how will she find out who she is? And who is following her? How does the same man keep finding her after she loses him?

Carey has created a suspenseful novel where readers are as confused as the protagonist - but will keep reading with the hope of finding out what is going on, who the girl is, and how she got into this situation.

Carey, Anna. (2014). Blackbird. New York: HarperTeen.

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