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12 September 2013

Bad Apple

Bad Apple by Laura Ruby is the story of one young woman's struggle to be heard in the chaos of scandal and high school.

Tola Riley is sixteen. Until recently her favorite class was Art. But now she and her teacher, Mr. Mymer, have been accused of having an inappropriate relationship. He is on paid leave while there is an investigation. Tola is at school, but no one will believe her when she says that nothing happened. Her parents see her as a victim, classmates use this opportunity to pick on her. There is even a blog dedicated to rumors about her.

And maybe chopping her hair off and dying it green was not he best choice, but if she is going to have a reputation for being bad she should do something against the rules.

Written in the vein of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak or Twisted, or Jennifer Brown's Hate List or Thousand Words, Bad Apple is a novel on an important subject that hints at the absurdity of being old enough to be accused of something but not old enough to defend yourself to your accusers.

Ruby, Laura. (2009). Bad Apple. New York: Harper Teen.

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