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09 August 2013


Sparks: the Epic, Completely True Blue, (Almost) Holy Quest of Debbie by S.J. Adams is a young adult coming of age novel.

Debbie Woodlawn has done everything with her best friend Lisa since sixth grade. Now a junior in high school, it is time for Debbie to come to terms with the fact that she is in love with Lisa. But Lisa just got a boyfriend. Now Debbie has to either find new friends or come out to Lisa in the hopes that she secretly feels the same way.

When a classmate suggests she speak to Emma, Debbie does so reluctantly. Emma and her best friend Tim have created their own religion. It is called the Holy Church of Blue. As Blueists, Emma and Tim has written commandments go on holy quests when necessary. It is necessary for Debbie to go on such a quest now.

With the help of her new friends, Debbie will confront Lisa and hope for the best. But along the way, the quest will take her on a wacky journey of discovery reminiscent of a Libba Bray novel. Adams has created a quirky and lovable story that will inspire readers to be more open-minded and go after what they seek.

Adams. S.J. (2011). Sparks. Woodbury, MN: Flux.

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