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18 February 2013

The Friday Society (Friday Society #1)

The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress is the first book in her series by the same name that is about three young women in early 1900s London who are not satisfied with the roles society proscribed for them - and what they can accomplish when they join together to solve a mystery.

Cora Bell is the assistant to Lord White who is a secret inventor. She helps in the laboratory both building and inventing. She is in charge of Lord White's schedule and making sure he get where is supposed to be on time.

Nellie Harrison is the assistant to the Great Raheem, London's best magician. They are a very popular act for all types of audiences. Nellie is often underestimated because she is beautiful.

Michiko was studying to be a Samurai in Japan but knew she was at risk for arrest since it was a daily possibility if discovered. When a British man came through town studying different types of martial arts and asked her to come back to London to be his assistant she jumped at the chance. But in London she is mostly a servant. She performs battle on stage to get clients for him, but she is mostly confined to the house.

Cora, Nellie and Michiko meet at an gala and after on their individual travels home meet up again at the scene of a murder. That night sets in motion events that will lead to the three of them joining forces to solve a mystery that could destroy all of London.

Kress has created a great beginning to what is hopefully a long series featuring Cora, Nellie and Michiko. The Friday Society combines mystery, historical fiction, steampunk and more that will delight readers.

Kress, Adrienne. (2013). The Friday Society. New York: Dial Books

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