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28 June 2012

Kiss the Morning Star

Kiss the Morning Star by Elissa Janine Hoole is a road trip novel about two young women reconnecting after a tough year. They have just graduated from high school and each have their own reasons for the trip.

Kat wanted to take a road trip across the US like Jack Kerouac in her favorite book, Dharma Bums. Anna agrees to go because since her mother died in a fire, she and her father have been sort of numb and she needs to snap of it. Kat is also hoping that the change of scene will bring her friend back to her.

Hoole's novel is not simply about two friends driving and camping. It is about dealing with loss, regaining a friendship that has suffered, and exploring feelings that have been hidden under the surface. This is a great summer read.

Hoole, Elissa. (2012). Kiss the Morning Star. New York: Marshall Cavendish Publishing.

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