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23 April 2012

The Rogue (Traitor Spy #2)

The Rogue by Trudi Canavan is the second book in her Traitor Spy trilogy.

Sonea and Cery continue to look for a rogue Theif in the city - a man who may be a magician and is trying to claim more of the city by introducing an addictive drug.

Ambassador Dannyl is in Sachaka. His job as ambassador is fairly boring as Kyralia and Sachaka have no political relationship other than neighbors suspicious of each other. While Dannyl is concerned about his assistant, Lorkin, who was captured by the Traitors - a secret society run by women who promote equality and an end to slavery - he is eager to explore other parts of the land he is in and look for evidence of the storestone. He will travel to the land of the Duna - a nomadic people in the North who are said to have stone magic.

At the same time, another generation of novices is in magician school. Now students from all levels of society are admitted. One of the young novices, Lilia, will be tempted to break her vow against black magic. Though it is forbidden to even read about black magic, everyone knows you cannot learn it from books anyway.

Canavan continues her brilliant fantasy series with more characters who will capture readers' attention. Anyone who reads her will become a fan and wait impatiently with me for the next installment in her Kyralia books.

Canavan, Trudi. (2011). The Rogue. New York: Orbit Books.

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