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11 August 2011

The Final Hour (Homelander #4)

The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan is the final book in the Homelander series.

Charlie West has been on the run with no memory. In the previous book his memory started to return - why he was in prison, how he escaped, if he was a good guy or a bad guy... Now, in this final book, his memory is almost complete and he is sure there is one more thing he needs to do.

It is back in prison - recaptured - that he realizes that the Homelanders have one final attack planned on the US. All of his time undercover with them will be for nothing if he cannot get out of prison to stop the terrorist attack planned for New Years eve.

Klavan's series has been called a teen version of the TV show 24. It is so filled with non-stop action it is crazy. The Homelander series will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Klavan, Andrew. (2011). The Final Hour. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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