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05 July 2011

The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles #1)

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross is the first book in her Steampunk Chronicles.

Finley Jayne works as a lady's maid. And she is about to lose another job. When the young man of the household makes unwanted advances toward her she defends herself.

Later that night as she is running through London trying to decide where to go - she cannot go back to her (now ex-)employer's house - Griffin King hits her with his velocycle.

When she wakes up she does not know where she is - but she will find out that she has finally found people like herself. People who will understand the problems she has been having - namely, that her personality is split in half and when she is threatened her darker half takes over to protect her.

Together, Griffin King, Finley Jayne, Emily O'Brien, and Sam Morgan will use the science and skills at their disposal to bring the halves of Finley into harmony. They will also have to work together to find The Machinist who is using automatons to attack people.

Cross has created a fabulous steampunk history of London. Based on the idea that a primordial goo had been found that emits energy as well as healing flesh, Cross's world is both advanced and exciting. Fans of steampunk will rejoice in this new series.

Cross, Kady. (2011). The Girl in the Steel Corset. New York: Harlequin Teen.

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