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06 May 2010

Nathan Fox: Dangerous Time (Nathan Fox #1)

Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times by L. Brittney is an adventurous historical fiction novel about a young spy.

Nathan Fox and his sister Marie live in London. They are supported by thirteen-year old Nathan's work in the theater. His fellow actor, and their good friend, Will Shakespeare, live in the same boarding house.

When Nathan is recruited by Britian's spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham he thinks his live will be full of danger and excitement. But first he must spend some time training.

Nathan's first assignment is to be in Venice. He and his partner, John Pearce, will deliver a message to one of England's allies. But his assignment will not be as easy as it sounds - before it is done he will meet a famous pirate, fight a gang, participate in a sea battle, save the life of a famous general named Othello, and more.

Brittney has created an accessible and exciting novel that introduces historical facts combined with danger and intrigue. Nathan Fox is an historical version of Alex Rider.

Brittney, L. (2007). Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times. New York: Feiwel and Friends.

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