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10 August 2009

The Way the Crow Flies

The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald is about decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

Madeleine McCarthy is 9 in 1963 when her family moves back to Canada from West Germany. Her father is in the Royal Canadian Air Force and has just been posted to the station at Centralia, MOD (middle of nowhere).

Madeleine enters grade four as her father agrees to do a favor for his former flight instructor - who is now rumored to be in intelligence work. His decision to help out changes the course of his life along with that of his family and neighbors.

Inspired by a murder that took over the media in Canada in 1963 and is still talked about today, MacDonald looks at the life of one young girl who grows up in the Cold War and how she is affected by major events in her child hood. The section of the book that deals with her adult life is as fragmented as her thinking at the time, until she can come to terms with her past.

Ann-Marie MacDonald is an incredible writer. Her books feel like instant classics exploring subjects that will always affect people regardless of the time period. Her subjects are raw and realistic so they are sometimes painful to read, but her talent in storytelling keeps readers going through any subject.

MacDonald, Ann-Marie. (2004). The Way the Crow Flies. New York: Harper Perennial.

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Blogger Zach said...

This book sounds really neat; I'd like to read it. How does it fit into the gltbq tag, though?

10 August, 2009 19:41  
Blogger Zach said...

posting again to make sure I get emailed follow-up comments.

10 August, 2009 19:41  
Blogger 71 said...

One of the characters is a lesbian.

27 November, 2009 12:10  

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