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15 June 2008

Deadly Exposure (a Joanna Blalock Medical Thriller)

Deadly Exposure is the fifth Joanna Blalock medical thriller by Leonard Goldberg. (Unfortunately, it is the first one I am reading. I may have to go back and start at the beginning.)

Dr. Joanna Blalock is a forensic pathologist. She is in the middle of an outbreak of unknown origin when she is called away from Los Angeles by a Navy team of scientists - ETOX.

(ETOX was started before the 1969 moon landing. It is a team of scientists of all fields who would be the first response to any dangerous alien threats. Of course, none came back from the moon. But ETOX was not disbanded. The group is now sent in where unknown toxin, bacteria, etc... is found.)

In Alaska, an iceberg has been found with a deadly toxin. Test confirm evidence that the substance found in the iceberg is from a meteorite that crashed onto Earth 65 million years ago. Now the icecaps are melting and the toxin could threaten all life on the planet.

Can Dr. Blalock and the ETOX team learn enough about the bacteria to save humanity?

Deadly Exposure is a medical thriller - for the first 4/5ths of the book - then it switches to a Titanic-like ship-sinking adventure. Strange shift, but both parts are good reading.

Goldberg, Leonard. (2000). Deadly Exposure. New York: Signet Books.

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